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  1. With a new year come lots of new products, but also a photography springclean. I'm updating photos with a cleaner, more modern look across the next few months along with adding a number of new items.

    I hope you like them!


    dsc_0112 dsc_0887 dsc_0552

    dsc_0070 dsc_0029

  2. We've been spending a few months updating all our photos and adding location shots taken in interesting places near our workshop in Northamptonshire. It's a surprisingly varied part of the world, for somewhere that's not really noted for any particular type of scenery. I find it quite inspirational, and wanted to highlight it in its many different guises throughout our products.... However, it was raining this week.

    So i thought creatively - and took these in a grain barn.

    (below: Farfalla table in Oak with Elm butterflies)

    dsc_0510 dsc_0563


    This barn is actually in the same yard as our workshop so it has a nicely circular feel to it as a location to use and really highlights what Frances Bradley furniture is all about; rustic, natural, british country furniture with a modern edge (Our backdrop is actually leaning against the trailor of a very hi tech tractor/combine set and there's a vent system in the grain that i haven't a clue what it does!)

    We ran out of daylight to lighten the shadows a bit so they're slightly moodier than i had intended but i rather like the effect. Quite fitting for a rainy November day.

    (Below; Vivente dining table in Oak)


    dsc_0705 dsc_0636

    We also took a quick arty shot of part of our workshop-it's not often it looks this tidy.The wood in the back, is mostly Elm, with a bit of Oak and the smaller boards in the middle are English Walnut. I have a bit of a wood obsession since this is only one half of our wood storage racks!